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Draft Copy

 Testimony of Author Emmie Ross continued

Mubarak Hussein Obama's Road into the Oval Office with the Aide of Barack Obama as his cover.

The last leg of the Formula revealed to Freemasonry Albert Pike by the Satanic Dream

World War III - The Road to Armageddon

Page out of the History Book Setting

1992 – Desert Storm was the beginning of an on-going War that was fought only in the Middle East.

Excerpts –Our Glorious Century – Reader’s Digest Association

In the summer of1990, a Middle Eastern dictator assessed America’s resolve and decided to test it. The Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait on August 2. His army, hardened from years of war against Iran, swept aside the small Kuwaiti defense forces. The invasion stunned the world, but even more ominous was the possibility that Saddam’s war machine might roll south into Saudi Arabia, taking control of much of the world’s oil supply.

Saddam’s grab of Kuwait presented George Bush with the greatest crisis of his presidency. To do nothing would almost certainly inspire further conquest and other would-be conquerors. To dislodge, the Iraqis, however, would require a huge commitment of troops, and risk Americans lives--- how many, no one could predict. Realizing that the United States could not and should not handle the task alone, Bush set about constructing a 28-nation alliance to take the field against Saddam.

Troops, supplies, and armada of aircraft poured into Saudi Arabia, and a massive fleet assembled in the Persian Gulf, all under the command of U.S. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, a Vietnam combat her. Pentagon staffers readied plans for tight coordination between ground and air units. Despite the defense experts who talked of the unprecedented power of high-tech U.S. weaponry, there was gnawing fear that America would soon endure a bloodbath in a distant desert.

On the evening of January 16, 1991, the media flashed the news that Iraq was under air attack; Operation Desert Storm had begun. U.S. military sources reported that cruise missiles and “smart bombs” were hitting Iraqi targets with stunning accuracy, even blasting down ventilating shafts. Stealth bombers, virtually invisible on radar screens, destroyed Iraqi communications. Saddam remained defiant, so on February 23 General Schwarzkopf ordered his ground troops to invade Iraq (formerly part of “The Garden of Eden”) and occupied Kuwait. As Allied forces fell upon the Iraqis from the front and the flank, resistance crumbled.

At just 100 hours of ground fighting, President Bush ordered a cease-fire. Fewer than 200 Americans had been killed. Although Saddam remained in power, the Sallied campaign had destroyed his capacity to wage war. And for Americans there was an equally important element of the victory, a psychological one. As one army officer put it: “The stigma of Vietnam has been erased.”

1992 – Bill Clinton

Talk about long shots. Just 18 months earlier, back in mid-1991, few Americans had even herd of Bill (William J. ) Clinton. Arkansas, where he served as governor, was hardly a bellwether state in national politics. Clinton was 46 years of age.

Clinton, too, seized upon the nation’s woes, “The economy stupid!” Read a sign in the Little Rock campaign headquarters, and as a campaign issue, the economy paid off. Voters picked Clinton over Bush by 43 to 38 percent. (Ross Perot , meanwhile, q2ith 19-percent of the vote, made the best showing of any independent candidate since Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose campaign of 1912.”

Political Setting

The Cover - The Fake Engagement


Photo opt - Kenyan born Barack  Obama and his wife Michelle Barack

Kenya Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Barack Obama were already married and living in Chicago, Illinois as a cover setting the stage for the Oval Office after Election 2008.

October 1992

The Gate Swung opened freely awaiting the Enemy's Arrival

Destination: Chicago, Illinois

Two weeks before Bill Clinton, the Enemy Biblical father rose to power as President of the United States on Election Night of 1992.

The Awakening of the Enemy and Traitor

The Nightmare in the  beginning of the planning stage

A complete strange, a decendant of Ishamel, the Father of the Arab World appeared out of “thin air” at the gate of America.  He was headed for an elaborated per-arranged marriage to a former descendant of a great granddaughter of an America slave who was living in Chicago, Illinois.

The Communion of Revenges against Israel and America

The Enemy that entered the gate, a descendant of Ishmael the Father of the Arab world, and the “Victim of Racism“ of this mean ole country of America had formed an alliance marital ceremony that would lead America a heartbeat away from the Enemy s mission into Communism and Islam.

Hard Evidence #1

Notice the left side of Mubarak Obama's face. There was no mole on his cheek near his nostril in 1992.

Michelle Robinson and Mubarak Hussein Obama

The Wedding was the joining of the Twin Fathers' Tribes:  Arabs and Africans

Mubarak Hussein Obama with best man

Compared to Barack “Barry” Obama in the early 1980's

Hard Evidence

Kenyan Barack “Barry” Obama in the early 1980’s (with a mole)

After the wedding in Chicago, Mubarak Hussein Obama and his wife, Michelle Robinson  Obama went into seclusion from October 1992 until July 2004.

Making sure my source was correct, cross-referenced it with Michelle Obama.

Chicago, IL
Washington, DC
Somerville, MA
Boston, MA

Michelle Obama

Obama H Barack
Lamon T Mayfield
Barack H Obama
Barack Hussein Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Two more aliases names would be added:   Mubarak Hussein Obama , Hussein Obama

Obamas and Michelle’s Job Resumes after Obama entered America in 1992

Barack H Obama , age 51


Has lived in

Has worked at

Barack H Obama
Michelle Obama

Chicago, IL
Washington, DC
Boston, MA
Somerville, MA

Arch Training Center
University Chicago Hospitals
Capitol File Magazine
National Governors Association
World Book Inc

Fast Forward

Media's Refusal to Vet Obamas the during Elections 2008-2012

Controversial Social Security Numbers that President Obama used

Taitz Thrown Off MSNBC For Bringing Up Obama's Social Security Number

McDonnell goes ballistic on his guest to prevent her from discussing Obama’s multiple Social Security Numbers. You can see the evil spewing from his face in anger.

Click on Video Link  (3:58)


CNN: Taitz Shut Down Over Obama's Social Security Number Fraud – 4/15/11  (12:45)

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2011


Obama Responds To Social Security Number Fraud!?


Hillary, why 2008?”

Excerpt from my previous book


When I asked Democrat Senator Hillary Clinton while campaign manager (political strategist) on Jeff Fisher Congressional campaign in 2003 if she would run for President in 2004 against Senator John Kerry. Her response was “No.” This was at a time that she basically liked me, and I was being prep to become a member of the Illuminati without my consent. Hillary Clinton continued in her emailing that they were thinking (Bill Clinton, and his Inner Circle of the Illuminati including Hillary Clinton, former Democrat President Jimmy Carter, Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Joe Biden and James Carville) were looking at 2012, but something happened. Now they had to go with 2008. They realized that 2008-2012 will be turbulent years of unrest in America. The political prediction was one president to be assassinated, and one to die of a heart attack. They were not able to pinpoint those presidents, but they had to still go with 2008. Hillary Clinton never revealed the reason why 2008.”


It was Hugo Chavez - the president

                                      Hugo Chavez died of massive heart attack: top general


Note: 12-19-2013

As far a President being assassinated, that hasn't come to pass yet of what Hillary Clinton indicated via enail in 2003.  Who knows which Puppet president the Bilderberg/Illuminati has chosen to be the fall guy, and placed the blame on a lone gunman or some group that the Bilderberg/Illumaniti have targeted to take the fall.   It's merely a matter of time.

Excerpt from my previous book

April 4, 2004

We had traveled into the New Testament, The Book of Revelation, Chapter 13:18

Here is wisdom. Let him who has the understanding calculate the number of the Beast (Devil), for it is the number of man. The number is “666.” Rev. 13:18.

Anderson Cooper revealed the following regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Tax
Return 2000-2006:

                      Gross (Hillary and Bill Clinton) - $109,000,000

                      Donated - $10,000,000

                     Hillary Clinton (separately earned - $10,000,000

                     2007 Tax Requested extension in filing from IRS

I remembered hearing Carl Bernstein stated. “They should have filed their 2007 as well,” and he didn’t understand why they withheld from doing so. Immediately without any thought, I grabbed a pen and paper, and wrote down the figures. Next I grabbed my little Algebraic calculator nearby that I used in Algebra.

Derived at the Formula of the Mark of the Beast “666.”

The Evidence

A breakdown of $109,000,000) = $18, 166, 666, 666, 666, 666, 66, 666,666,666,666,666,666,666. .each yr.

Donation to Charity (divided 6 x 10,000,000) = $1,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666… each yr.

Hillary Clinton’s salary (divided 6 x 10,000,0o0) = 1,666,666,666,666.666,666,666,666,666,666,666….each yr.

Control the Mark of the Beast “666”

The Devil in the Flesh


                                              Bill and Hillary Clinton before and after                                      

                                                                                                                June 24, 2004

Article entitled, Kenyan born Obama all set for U.S. Senate

Ringmaster Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy set the stage for the beginning of the Con Game

Democrat Convention of 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts

The Keynote Speaker was billed as The Democrat Candidate for United States Senator from Illinois Barack Obama (not Barack Hussein Obama Jr.)

The Bait in the Con Game

This was Barack Obama who was born in Kenya, Africa as the candidate. Billed as the Keynote Speaker.

Now the Switch in the Con Game

After 11 years since his wedding, Mubarak Hussein Obama suddenly appear out of thin air as the Keynote Speaker, United States Senate Candidate Barack Obama at the Democrat Convention.

Hard Evidence

Notice there is no mole on the left side of the cheek.

The Speech that Made Obama President



This was the Beginning of the Media Cover-Up to the Identical Twin Cousins Obama

Media Black Out – Keynote Speaker at the Democrat Convention

There was one major problem – Mubarak Hussein Obama was not on the Democrat ticket as the Candidate for United States Senate for the State of Illinois. The major networks such as: ABC, NBC, and CBS did not cover the Keynote Speaker – only C-SPAN which goes also into the Arab countries.   The Reason: The people in the State of Illinois and Massachusetts would have realized the fraud being purported.

    The Greatest Unchallenged Lie by the Media

C-SPAN: Barack Obama Speech at 2004 DNC Convention (18:47)



Tonight is a particular honor for me because — let’s face it — my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack. His father — my grandfather — was a cook, a domestic servant to the British.                                                                                                              

The Shack Obama's father reportedly attended school

But my grandfather had larger dreams for his son. Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place, America that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before.

While studying here, my father met my mother. She was born in a town on the other side of the world, in Kansas. Her father worked on oil rigs and farms through most of the Depression. The day after Pearl Harbor my grandfather signed up for duty; joined Patton’s army, marched across Europe.”


Results of the Big Unchallenged Lie Speech by Mubarak Hussein Obama

The Speech that Made Obama President


At the Closing Kenya Obama gave a brief presentation. This is what the TV Viewers saw when the cameras were allowed back into the Convention after Arab Obama gave the Keynote Speech.

Barack Obama

Michelle Barack and Barack Obama

Both Identical Twin Cousins were with their Identical Twin Cousin Wives

Michelle Robinson and Mubarak Hussein Obama

Keynote Speaker – Barack Obama at the Democrat Convention in 2008

Subliminal Message hidden in speech

Democrat Convention 2008

OBAMA TELLS AMERICA - "Serve Satan!" - This will floor you!


     Excerpt- The Old Testament of the Book of Daniel 7:6

After this, I looked and saw another Beast, like a Leopard; on its back were four wings like those of a bird, and it had four heads. To this beast dominion was given."

Webste's 1953

"Supreme authority,sovereignty; independent right or possession; a territory or country subject to the control of one government."

Beast means: A person rude or coarse, whose actions degrade him below the level of a rational being.

The Transferring Ownership of the Devil's Dominion granted to Murbarak Hussein and Michelle Robinson Obama.

Democrat Convention in 2012 – Charlotte, North Carolina

Another Twist – A Divided Party

Amidst Boos and Multiple Votes, DNC Reverses Position and Reinstates Jerusalem and God

 Live C-SPAN




Into the Oval Office without one vote by  the American people  under the name of Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama since 2009.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura Defined how the Game of “Dirty Poltics” is played

Quote taken from the documentary - The Obama Deception

Politics today is identical to Professional Wrestling. And what I mean by that is in front of the cameras and the public, we all hate each others. I am going to kick my opponent's butt. I going to wail him to high waters and beat the crap out of him. Yet behind the scenes, we are all friends going out to dinner. And its all in the work.   It's all in a marriage.   It's show businesss.  And that's what you have today in politics.  The Democrats and Republicans are not really opposed to each other.”

Former Professional Wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Cesspool of Dirty Politics Eating from the same trough
The Traitors Aiding and Abetting in the Nightmare

Imagine if those walls were able to talk?

Arab Mubarak Hussein Obama 6'1, and  Joe Biden 6' according to research including hair plugs

VMuburak Obama and his VP Joe Biden

Honestly, VP Biden cannot say he didn't know the difference between the Arab Obama and the Kenyan Obama. After all, Biden has been too close for comfort. In the workplace under Federal law guidelines of the EEOC, it's defined as Sexual Harassment.

VP Biden with President Elect Kenyan born Barack Obama

Obama 6'4 and Biden 6'

5' 11" (1.80 m)

Chris Christie, Heiight

There's Arab Obama with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Arab Obama with United Nation Ambassador Susan Rice 

Kenyan Obama with United Nation Ambassador  Susan Rice

Arab Obama with Eric Holder

 Arab Obama with George H. Bush  

Arab Obama, Clinton, George W. Bush

Clinton, Hillary. and Arab Obama

Republican Senator and Obama

The Conclusion to Chapter VI

Has the White House become the House of Con Games?

Ongoing Dangerous Con-Games being played within the Oval Office of the President of the United States

The Obamas always have the upper hand because you never know which Twin will show up to start the Con Game, and which one will conclude the Con Game in this fragile World.

                                 The Obamas' Bait and Switch game which started in 2004 is still ongoing...                                        

Here's my Discovery, you decide!'


 aka Democrat Barack Hussein Obama Jr, and Republican Challenger Mitt Romney

 2012 Presidential Election Live Debates

First Debate - The Combatant

The Elected President Kenyan Obama appeared to debate Mitt Ronney

Romney 6'2", Kenya Obam 6'4"

Second Debate

The Game Changer – The Switch

Designed to throw Romney off balanced after winning the firs debate.

Arab Obama appeared as.the "touchy feeling" opponent.

 Third  Debate

Beware of the always smiling faces of Arab Obama.

Romney appeared to be stunned with the sudden change as if he was saying, "Who are you?"

Arab Obama 6'1" Romney 6'2"

Hosin Mubarak, the King of Egypt found out the hard way, just what was behind that smiling face of Arab Obama.

It was too late!

The Villian controls the climatic scene onthe stage, plot, and many times the final outcome of what he wants to achieve.

The Bait in the Con Game - The Setup

Egypt President Hosni Mubarak to quit

"I have spent enough time serving Egypt," he said

 Mr. Mubarak said:   "In all sincerity, regardless of the current circumstances, I never intended to be a candidate for another term."

The announcement came shortly after US diplomats told the Al Arabiya television that President Obama had called on Mr. Mubarak to not run in the upcoming electons, and indicating the United States would no longer support its once strong ally.

                                Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/egypt-president-hosni-mubarak-to-quit-20110202-1acnp.html#ixzz2mrfcpcfr

The Villian sets the stage and fazed i nto the background, and observed the chaos it caused by his devil's helpers designed to do his "dirty work."  The Villian has to always appear aas if he has "clean hands."

  Enter the "Benchwarmer" for the Democrats team, just happy to be on Obama's team. 


                                                                                                                                 Republican Senator John McCain 

                                           The Cover that Obama needed to appear Bipartism                                            

Obama on Mubarak Resignation: 'Egypt Will Never Be the Same'


Obama and Russian Leader

Open Mic Treason Night?  Obama's Secret Message to Russia



The Smiling Face of the Con-Game on the carousel going round-and-round for it's next target.

Oh, Arab Obama didn'tleave out Israel

Netyaum 6' and Arab Obama 6'1

The Bait” The Beginning of a Con-Game

This was the reason why Netanyahu stated to Arab Obama:  "Borders Cannot Go Back to the 1967 Lines"

Map of Israel and Arab Countries

The Six-Day War

The Excerpts from Our Glorious Century - Reader's Digest 1992 -pg 309

"In the 1960's hostalities between Israel and the neighboring Arab nations in the Middle East escalated.  Commandos from Syria and Jordan mounted an unrelenting barrage of border raids on the Jewish State.  Israel retliated forcefully and, by early 1967, had won decisive victories in battles against the Arab aggressors.  Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser ordered  United Nations troops into the Sinai in preparation for all-out war."

"Then, on June 5, 1967, Isarel struck back without warning.  The israelis wiped out or severely damaged  four enemy airfields and annihilated the Egyptian army.  They occupied the Sinai Peninsula and annexed the Gaza Strip (Egypt), East Jerusalem and the West Bank (Jordan), and the Golan Heights (Syria)."

"The Six-Day War dealt a crippling blow to the Arab states.  Their ally, the Soviet Union, also suffered a serious embarrassment; but thanks to Soviet Premeier Aleksey Kosygin's first-time use of the hotline to the United States, a superpower confrontation was averted."

World Political Events, page 483

"Arab-Israeli Six-Day War; responding to attacks by its Arab neighbors: Israel occupies territories within Egypt, occupies territories within Egypt, Jordan, and Syria; occupies all of Jerusalem."

The video entitled: Benjamin Netanyahu Schools Obama

Mubarak Obama quietly agreeing with Netanyahu on many issues that he was making to the Press.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAlJ6erL-HY (8:19)

Mainstream Media will never show anything unfavorable to the Obamas

Arab Obama went into a R-A-G-E

OBAMA SCREAMS AT STAFF: “What the F**k Was That?” After Netanyahu Meeting

OBAMA SCREAMS AT STAFF: “What the F**k Was That?” After Netanyahu Meeting

"...Obama went into a rage after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lectured him on his suicide plan for Israel.

NewsFavor reported, via Doug Ross:
Shortly after the photo-op meeting and “working lunch” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the one that saw President Obama openly chastised by the Prime Minister for Obama’s earlier public comments regarding wanting to see Israel return to its 1967 borders, the president verbally “went off” on Richard Daley in the private study area that adjoins the Oval Office. President Obama’s verbal attack was clearly heard by numerous staff up and down the West Wing hallways.
The essence of the president’s rage and embarrassment can best be summed up with him yelling out very loudly, “What the f-ck was that!?” That phrase was apparently repeated a number of times in the span of about five minutes, a time period in which Obama’s voice became “louder and louder” and culminating in Obama exclaiming, “Never again! Do you understand me? Never again!” Any response by Bill Daley back to the president, if given, was not overheard...


Palestinians: No Negotiations Unless Israel Accepts Obama’s Suicide Plan


                                          Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, June 8, 2011, 12:25 PM

In May Barack Obama proposed handing over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, and the tomb of Jesus Christ to the Hamas-Fatah terrorist alliance.

Click on Link to read the entire article


The Switch in the Con Game

The R-E-V-E-N-G-E


The Villian sets the stage and fazed into the background, and observe the chaos it caused by the Devil's helper designed to do his "dirty work."  The Villian has to alwayws appear as if he has "clean hands.  That way, the people never catch on and the Con-Game continues over and over.  Different senerios.  Always controlling the climatic scene on the stage to achieve the final outcome.

Obama’s microphone happened to be conveniently left on several months later while meeting with Sarkozy to appear “accidental” as a cover-up in exposing Netanyahu as a “Liar” to the world.

Sarkozy on Obama - “ Netanyahu is a liar and can not stand!”

Uploaded on Nov 9, 2011

ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM7npiGd0IU (3:01)

Mission accomplished by placing a wedge between Israel and other Nations

In Closing out this Chapter, the following ways are how I discovered Arab President Obama's name as Mubarak Hussein Obama

Evidence #1

Shiek Mubarak Hussein Obama  (President of the United States)

Saudis direct Obama to protect their regime, destroy Israel, the Sheites of Iran, and make America a Muslim country before leaving office in 2016


Hard Evidence #2


20 sec - Nov 17, 2008 - Uploaded by mubarak2105

2:22. Watch Later قبل الحذف مبارك يفضح الاخوان وأستقوائهم بالخارج وأحتمائهم بالاطفال كساتر ضد الرصاصby أسف ياريس 116,019 views · 43:07

Search for videos of mubarak hussein obama

Hard Evidence #3

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011

Fox News -  Monica Crowley:  "Mubarak Obama"
Crowley actually revealed the Arab Obama's name in a heated discussion.  After researching, by now I knew the Arab's legal name.  (Keep in mind, Arab Obam has used eight different aliases names,)  This video was burried on You Tube.  Found it with the help of God's guidance.



Hard Evidence #4 (Engine Search)

Click on Link


Hard Evidence #5

Images of mubarak hussein obama



Now, you know how the Biblical Devil earned the nickname of "The Cry Baby.”

Concluded - Chapter VI