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Testimony of Emmie Ross continued

The Final Closure - The Traitor Within

Setting the stage leading to the upcoming Battle at Armageddon

Almighty God


The Biblical Antichrist

The Mark of the Beast

Background Biblical Setting

The Creation of the Universe, Earth and Mankind by Almighty God took six days.

(2 Peter 3:8)

But there is one thing, my friends, that you must never forget; that with the Lord, “a day” can mean a thousand of years, a thousand years is like a day.”

It all began after Almighty God created Adam and Eve.

Lucifer who was once God's beloved and beautiful angel became jealous and wanted to become God. He plotted with some of the angels in Heaven which lead to a coup to overthrow God with in Heaven. Lucifer and his angels lost the battle, and were kicked out of Heaven. He was given the name throughout the Bible as: The Snake, Devil, Satan, Beast, etc. These wicked angels became known as “the Fallen Angels,” and also the “Children of the Dark” that were cast out of Heaven along with Lucifer.

Connecting the last piece of the fabric on the quilt – 6/22/2014

Excerpts – The Book of Daniel 11:21

There shall rise in his place a despicable person, to whom the royal insignia shall not be given. By stealth and fraud he shall size the kingdom. Armed might shall be completely overwhelmed by his him and crushedkand even the prince of the covenant. After allying wih him, he shall treacherously rise to power with a small party.”


Obama's small powerful army included former Presidents of the United States: Republican George H. Bush, standing next to Democrat  Obama, Republican George W. Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton the Biblical Lucifer, and Democrat Jimmy Carter.


I am witnessing The Bible. I have had  no prior knowledge of what I am now witnessing under the Holy Spirit of God of The Biblical Antichrist/Rapture.  I just ran across a book that was given to me along with other sources that I have been using throughout the vetting of Obama sitting on my computer desk.  After glancing through it, this book has helped me clear up some things in my mind that I wasn't acknowlegeable of at the time, and would like to share with you on the Biblical Antichrist.

The book is entitled: Before The Last Battle Armageddon by Arthur E. Bloomfield, 1971

Rapture A Dividing Point

Excerpts- from book      (Added comments from research to validate the author's creditablity.)

But if we think of Anchrist as the “Little Horn” (The Old Testament The Book of Daniel) who rises from a small beginning and by a process of conquering and power politics builds for himself a kingdom covering the territory of the former world empires, then we may look for him to arrive at any time.”

If Satan is to reign in person he must have a body. He cannot create one. Of Christ it was said: “A body hast thou prepared me.” No body will be prepared for Satan. It will not be by birth that he will come into the world. He will have to make a deal with some man. The bribe will be the kingdoms of the earth.” (The Global New World Order.) The price will be the man's body.  (That would be Barack Obama.)  Satan will possess it. It will appear to be a death, with Satan seeming to duplicate the resurrection that has just taken place on a large scale.”

This will all take place immediately after the Rapture. But the man must be here before The Rapture. (The Rapture began the moment Barack Obama was sworn into office as President of the United States in January 2009.)  He will not have as much power, but he will be able to establish himself as a world figure and he will gain control of those nations which Satan gives him. 

Just one of Americans' embarrassing moments shown around the world.

(Obama had little power as U.S. Senator from Illinois before obtaining the Oval Office.  He established himself as a world figure ater becoming President and traveling to practically every country on the planet on his "Apology Tour" apologizing for America:  "Being Arrogrant," no longer being "Exceptonalism," and no longer being a "Christian Nation," declared Obama.  That was the beginning of Obama gaining control of other nations after throwing America under every speeding bus along his "Apology Tour."  As Obama weakened America in the eyes of other nations, they gave him his power.)

At the start it is the man, not the empire, that is the important thing. Satan is not particularly interested in an empire; he is the prince of this world anyway. But he is interested in a man whom he can deal with, a man whom he can posses, a man who will take on his character.”  (Obama tells Americans to serve Satan. ( Rev. 13:15 - The New Testment of the Bible.)

The New Order will be a man who will arrange the kingdoms of his realm to suit himself and appoint their kings. The important thing is the man. The empire follows the man. Therefore, it is not the revival of an empire that we should look for, but the arrival of a man whose character, motives, methods and attitudes are after the manner of Satan.” (Obama who is The Global Leader was created in the imaged of Satan.)

If Satan were going to establish himself on the earth in a new and more real way, a world war would be the most in in keeping with his nature. The reign of Satan over the whole earth will not bring peace, but war and strife. Thus it will be during most of the reign of Antichrist war and rumors of war, the sea and the wave roaring.”  (The on-going wars in the Middle East such as Syria, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc., for the Muslim Brotherhood to take control.)

Of course Satan can, for his own evil purpose, produce a false peace and a false sense of security. He is a great deceiver.  It is when people cry “peace and safety” that great destruction will come upon them.”  (Pending Global Slavery of Mankind with the Mark of the Beast.)

Political Setting - Inside the Belly of the Beast