December 12, 2013

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Draft Copy

 Testimony of Author Emmie Ross continued


An American Nightmare on Steroid!


Analyzing the Nightmare of Fear Within

The Termite Trail to the Middle East

A Reflection of Past Biblical History

Backdrop setting

Part I

The Biblical Setting Behind Arab Obama

The Biblical Devil as he appeared on the History Channel – The Bible

Biblical name is Lucifier

Excerpts from my previous Book

The Road to Dirty Politics

Lucifer in the Flesh (666)

This basically the way Clinton looked without the beer in his hand back in November 2002

His aura overpowered every candidate on stage including my candidate who was running for Governor of Florida. Unaware to me, I was witnessing the presence of the First Antichrist – Satan/The Devil”

Entering The Book of Revelation 12:12

Rejoice then, you heavens and those who dwell in them!   But woe to the earth and the sea, for the Devil has come down to you with great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”

November 2002

The Gubernatorial race was winding down with two days to go before the November General Election between the incumbent Republican Jeb Bush, and Democrat challenger Bill McBride.”

10:00 am - Saturday- Curry Park, Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida

"Being an Independent Democrat Coordinator for Palm Beach County, would bring me face-to-face with Bill Clinton. By now, I had been living in Boca Raton for a couple of years. I still remembered the chocolate suede pants and mint green top that I had chosen before dashing off to the event."

"There was lots of excitement in the air as former Democrat President, “William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton sat on stage totally detached, with his head drooped as thousands upon thousands of Democrats waited for the ceremony to begin. I was one of the many thousands who came to witnessed this historical event after getting a call from the Democrat Party.   Many people felt it was too late for Clinton's endorsement to be effective coming on the heel of the popular Republican Governor Jeb Bush."

Somehow I was able to inched my way several rows within the roped off area near the front. The crowd spotted actor Chris Tucker and political analyst James Carville who were part of Clinton's entourage as they went by. Once the event began, Bill Clinton came to life and gave a lukewarm endorsement for McBride. Even though his aura overpowered every candidate on stage, there was something different about the upbeat and bubbly Bill Clinton that the cameras had shown Americans in their living room throughout the years. He continued to appear withdrawn. Unaware at the time, I was witnessing the other face of Clinton. It was the dark side of his personality which was the evil mask hidden from the public image.”

"After the event, Bill Clinton was working the crowds, shaking hands. Clinton came about 15 feet from where I was standing. He suddenly turned to walk away. I called his name, “Bill over here!” I don't know he heard me with the noisy background of the crowd, but he did. He shocked me.   He immediately turned around ignoring the extending hands along the way and walked directly in front of me and stopped."                                                                                            

How did he know it was me that called him?” I thought. I noticed the pink shirt that he was wearing. He was extremely fair skinned, probably around 6'1,” and trimmed. After checking Clinton over, I couldn't see what the fanfare was with the women. I had met Al Gore at the Governor's Convention in 2001, and he was much better looking than Clinton.  He stopped directly in front of me, looked me in the eyes, smiled and said, “I am glad to meet you,” and walked away. I didn't see anything once I looked into his eyes before he walked away.  My Spirit froze; I became speechless. I never said a word to him. I didn’t feel anything, just emptiness.”

Fast forward – 2007

Excerpts – from my previous book - this was written after July 2007 under the Holy Spirit of God

6th Snapshot Dream from the Holy Spirit of God - Satan's Spiritual Identity.  That was the dream!

When we met in November 2002, our spiritual identities were hidden from each other. The First Antichrist/Satan's spirit remembered my “voice,” that was when he turned around and came directly to me while standing in the large crowd. The political giant turned around and walked directly up to me and said “I am glad to meet you,” as we shook hands. When I looked into his eyes, I didn,t see anything - “no soul.”

(Didn't realized back in 2002, I was starring face-to-face with the Biblical Devil/Satan Bill Clinton before he transferred his Dominion to Arab Obama after Election 2008.)

Around the end of July 2007, the second part of the first dream revealed the actual color of Satan's spiritual identity.

His complexion was “white as snow.” He could not get a suntan even if you baked him in the oven for one year. His features were hidden behind large sunglasses. The Devil was revealed as “very flamboyant.” He wore a large medieval styled cloak with a hood covering his head as he watched me closed-up. With his hand cupped to his lower chin, he appeared complex and confused as he intensively studied by every move. He wasn't old nor was he young. What I was witnessing was the Devil's spiritual identity in its natural form.”

Up until now the man in the shadow knew that I couldn't go into the courts nor the New Media.  He thought he had sealed off any remotely possibility of revealing my testimony.  If he couldn't kill me, he would deny my existence before the world.  I felt that was his game plan. With all of the power and tentacles' arsenals within him, there was one that he could not control.   It was the “power of the pen.”  That was the reason why God wanted me to write my book of what I had witnessed in dirty politics.  God wanted his people to know of the Devil's devious plans. Why it was time for the Devil and his followers to be exposed, and their departures with him.”

In order to locate the origin of the First Termite Colony, I had to go back to the beginning of the Bible. The Old Testament, The Book of Exodus.

There were two Termites’ trails that led from the Oval Office during my investigating research. I took the longest Termite's colony which led into Egypt where it all began.

At some point the Biblical Devil had made a pact with God’s second greatest enemy, the despicable King of Egypt who held the Israelite in bondage before God intervened through Moses and his half-brother Aaron. King Ramses II was such a despicable and ruthless dictator.  The Bible only referred to him once after God sent ten plagues into Egypt, killed his first born son, and destroyed his mighty army.

The Devil, Lucifer who was once the beautiful and beloved angel of God. After the Creation of Mankind, decided he wanted to be God;  devised a revolt to overthrow God. The Devil lost the battle.  He was kicked out of Heaven along with 1/3 of the fallen angels and landed in the Garden of Eden. It is known today as Iraq.  The Bible referred Lucifer as:  the Devil, Dragon, Serpent, Snake, Rebel, Lawless, Venus, as the Morning Star, etc.. They all represent a “despicable” man unworthy of name recognition.

The Devil offered his Dominion – The Mark of the Beast “666” to Jesus Christ - twice

The Devil who has the capability to look well into the future knew that God was giving His Son, Jesus his Kingdom on earth after his Second Coming.  The Devil made the offer to Jesus twice: once after Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days after his baptism. The second time, just after Judas betrayed him, the Devil approached Jesus once again and stated, “They are coming after you Jesus, Judas has betrayed you. I can stop your death. This time you don't even have to bowed down to me.  All you have to do is wave your right hand toward God as a form of acceptance of my Dominion on earth, and I will stop the mob that’s coming to crucify you.”  Again, Jesus rebuked Devil/Satan’s offer of his Dominion on earth.

Then the Devil turned to the only despicable man who hated God as much as he did, Ramses  II the King of Egypt.  Ramses made a pact with the Devil to destroy the Covenant that God made in the Old Testament of Genesis 12 :6 with Abraham and Israel. In Revelation 12:6.  God made the second half of the Covenant that extended America with me.

That was the reason why Arab Obama stated in the dream the Holy Spirit revealed in 2003, “I hate you.”   It was the Covenant that God had given America which completed the cycle that was first given to Israel.

The Greatest Enemy of God and His people

The Israelite were being held against their will, and called out to God to intervened on their behalf against the powerful King of Egypt.

The time was 1446 B.C.

The movie made around 1956, The Ten Commandments inspired by God, King Ramses II of Egypt

Excerpts from the Movie -Ten Commandments - The Great Director Cecile B. Mille

The theme of the Ten Commandment is, whether men should be ruled by God's Law or whether they are to be ruled by a dictator like Rames I and Rames II.  Are men the property of free souls of God?  The same battle continues throughout the World today.  The life of Moses took place over 3,000 years ago from the Five books of Moses."

"And God said let there be light."  And from this light God created life upon Earth and man was given dominions over all things on this Earth, a power to choose between "good and evil," but each sought to do his own will because he knew not the light of God's love.  Men took dominion over man.  The conquered was made to serve the conqueror.  The weak was made to serve the strong.  And freedom was gone from the world, which caused the Children of Israel to serve with rigor and their lives were made bitter with hard bondage.  And their cries came up to God and God heard them.  He cast fear from Egypt into the lonely hearts of Youihable, the mother of Moses.  The seed of man, upon his mind and heart, would be written in God's Law and God's Commandments.  Moses would become the one man to stand alone against the empire of Pharaoh of Egypt who he considered his half-brother."

God gave the King of Egypt fair warning, “Let My People Go, and Let Them Worship Their God!” The Great Pharaoh refused. God started dismantling Egypt in his presence.  God sent 10 plagues into Egypt.  By the tenth plague, God killed his first born son.  That did it!  It broke the back of the King of Egypt.  It would take around 13 generations before Pharoah had a second son.  The only time the Bible addressed the Pharoah of Egypt  by his name as "Rameses" was after the Children of Israel were leaving Egypt.

Moses parted the sea

Pharaoh sent in his entire mighty army to destroy Moses and the Israelite.  In pursuit, the mighty army was so relentless in trying to destroy God’s People; they followed after Moses and Israelite into the sea.  Not one Egyptian escaped, and they all drowned.

As the Bible is being fulfilled, what we are witnessing is the Devil's last stronghold against mankind. The bondage of human slavery.  It started with the Pharaoh in Exodus with the Arabs against the Israelite. T he cycle was completed when Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves who were owned by Blacks as well as White mainly in the South until 1865. Slavery is over. It's dead, it's the past.

History has repeated itself as propheized by the Bible.

Instead of the Pharaoh (King) of Egypt, he's the undocumented Appointed Dictator occupying the White House.


Political Setting

The Old Testament – Book of Exodus and The New Testament – The Book of Revelation meet in center court for the battle of man’s inalienable rights endowed by God Almighty

Whether man will be governed by an iron whip of what the Bible referred to as a cruel and despicable self-appointed dictator?

Obama:  Protest me; do a year in jail! 1st  Amendment Dead 

Published on Mar 20, 2012    (5:28) 


The Ten Commandments and the United States Constitution



Part II

The Two-Head Beast that America 's Facing is a Nightmare on Steroids!

Excerpt from the Video US Soliders exposes Marital Law Agenda Plans for 2013

The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy monster that he cannot believe exist. And that's the problem we have today. The conspiracy is so monstrous, so demonic that when we tell people about it, they say, “You are crazy. This is America. It cannot happen here!” We have all the evidence needed to prove to anyone if they just look at the evidence that 9/11/2001 was an “Inside Job.”

The Symptoms Creating the Nightmares

Excerpt from the New Testament the Book of Revelation

Rev. 13: "And I beheld another Beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke like a dragon."

          Identical Twins Cousins

          The Biblical Devil (The Dictator)    False Messiah (The Antichrist)

The Obamas' Nightmares have been built around the Deception of the United States Constitution

Hidden behind the Fradulent Birth Certificate of President Barack Hussein Obama Jr

Arab Obama’s grandfather and father were Sunni Muslims, and so was his half-brother in Indonesia. His cousins in Kenya, Africa were Muslims. He was born and raised in Egypt by his grandparents and his young mother. Mubarak was the chosen one who would inherit the Devil’s Dominion (the Mark of the Beast “666”) that once was offered to Jesus who flatly refused it.

There were two problems that presented itself:

1. Obama and his young mother were naturalized Arab Egyptians Sunni Muslims.

2. The Mark of the Beast (Federal Government) was in the United States where the New World Order would be implemented.

How the Fraudulent Birth Certificate came about

Time Line of Events

August 1959

According to various research sources that I was able to gather concerning immigration, “Barack Hussein Obama Sr., arrived in the United States on August 9, 1959. He was a 25 year old student via Kenya, Africa. “

Stanley Ann Dunham would be used by Obama Sr. in a con game known as a ”confidence trick” which is an attempt to defraud after gaining her confidence. Ann was chosen because she fitted the narrative of the biggest lie probably in the history of mankind of how Mubarak Hussein Obama would be marketed as the future President of the United States.

 1959  Stanley Ann was 16 years old. Obama Sr., was 25 years old. It was the beginning of their child-adult loved relationship.

                                                                                           Stanley Ann with Barack Hussein Obama Sr                                                                                 

Obama Sr. arrived in Hawaii approximately one month before Stanley Ann Dunham, 16th years of age entered high school as a senior.   It was just two months prior to her 17th birthday in November 1959. She was totally unaware of Obama’s past in Egypt. Through the poor choice that Stanley Ann made, fell blindly in love unknowingly with a CIA operative that was sent for one mission:   A naturalized American Birth Certificate for his Egyptian son, Mubarak Hussein Obama back in Egypt.

June 1960

                                                                   Stanley Ann graduated from high school at 17 years old

September 1960

Stanley Ann enrolled at the University where Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was already attending.

.November of 1960.

Prior to Stanley Ann Dunham who was still 17 years of age completing her first semester, she was already pregnant one month before her 18th birthday in late November.

February 1961

Up until that point, her parents were totally against the marriage. In February of 1961, Stanley Ann no longer needed her parents’ consent, married Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Stanley Ann, like many young impressible white girls who marry Muslims became an automatic “Baby Maker” for Islam irregardless of her religion.

The Bait of the Con Game

August 4, 1961

The American born Barack Hussein Obama Jr entered the world in Hawaii.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

After Obama Sr accomplished his mission of fathering the boy, court records revealed the following: Stanley Ann had indicated she was inflicted with “mental cruelty” until still she had no choice but to divorced Obama Sr. Stanley Ann asked the court, and received sole custody of Barack  Hussein Obama Jr.

The Switch of Identity

Photo of Bsrry Soetero as Indonesia citizen under Islam Law after his name was changed from Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

,Barack Jr., loss of his American citizenship and Naturalized Birth Certificate through fraud and deception by CIA operative Lolo Soetero. Lolo Soetero an Indonesia Muslim met Stanley Ann in one of her classes at the University. After a brief courtship, they married.  Soetero went back to his native country, and later sent for Stanley and Barack Hussein Obama Jr to join him in Indonesia. Once in Indonesia on foreign soil, Barack  Hussein Obama Jr.,  around six years of age lost his American citizenship after his step-father, Soetero adopted him under Sharia Law. Soetero also at that point, changed his name from Barack Hussein Obama Jr to Barry Soetero.  At that point, Barry Soetero old Birth Certifcate as Barack Hussein Obama Jr was classified as dead.

Barry Soetero after returning to Hawaii with his mother, Stanley Ann and sister Maya

The Switch in the Con Game

Shortly after their second child was born,Maya,  Soetero left Stanley Ann for a native Indonesian woman.  Stanley Ann refused to divorce Soetero until her son, Barry Soetero turned 18 years of age and returned to college in Indonesia to further his Islamic. education.  Eventually Ann who worked for the government of Indonesia, and her daughter Maya later returned to Indonesia.

Lolo completed his part of the mission: Mubarak Hussein Obama now had possession of a naturalized American birth certificate that would coincide with the name of his Cover, Barack Obama.  Barack “Barry" Obama would become Mubarak’s ticket into the Oval Office disguised as an American citizen. The name “Hussein” on the Birth Certificate was significant because it is an Arabic name that would connect Mubarack Hussein Obama with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab Nations as “one of them. ” That is the reason “Hussein” was added in the Oath of Office as President of the United States after Election 2008.” Secondly, it was proof to the King of Saudi Arabia that he was the President of the United States.

Update  - President of United States, Mubarak Hussien Obama stated on foreign soil in Egypt the following:

Obama "I am One of Them."

In Arabic

Connecting the dots by photos:     Twin Brothers  raised in different countries

                                     Raised in Egypt                                                                         Raised in Kenya, Africa

                                     Barack Hussein Obama Sr.                                                      Barack Obama

                                     Sunni Arab Egyptian Muslim ("Hussein")                             Muslim


                  Mother of the Twins Barack Hussein Obama Sr., and Barack Obama 



 Sarah's Grandchildren 

                                                                               Sons of Barack Hussein Obama Sr.,  and Son of Barack Obama     

          Identical Twin Cousins 

Egyptian Mubarak Hussein Obama        Kenyan Barack Obama

                                                                                                Sunni Arab Muslim                                                                          Muslim                                                                                                                            

              Step-Brother of Mubarak Hussein Obama  (and)     First Cousin of Barack Obama                                  

  Barry Soetero

(formerly Barack Hussein Obama Jr.)

Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero (Barry Soetero's mother)

(Step Mother of Mubarak Hussein Obama who divorced his Father Barack Hussein Obama Sr around1964.)



           CIA plant who stole Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero's Identity since 1962 - posing as Barack Obama's mother


     CIA plant  vs. Stanley Ann Dunahm Soetero


Notice the difference in the photo:  The  CIA plant has a diambond shaped face, and Stanley Ann has an oblong shaped face.

This CIA plant scandalized the life, name, and reputation of the late Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham Soetero through Identity Theft as Barack Obama's mother.

Identical Twin Cousins husbands  and their Identical Twin Cousins wives

Barack Obama and Michelle Barack Obama

Mubarak Hussein Obama and Michelle Robinson Obama

Famous Identical Twin Cousins in history

Tsar Nicholas of Russia and George V of England

The Road from Dirty Political into the Oval Office

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