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 October 9, 2013 @  12:01

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 The Draft Copy of © Memoir of Dirty Politics, My Final Journey by Author Emmie Ross is dedicated from the Living God to Evelyn and HIS People around the World to read only, and not be caught blindside. Evil and dirty politics can be defeated!.

What the Founding Fathers of the United States Constitution Feared lhas become a Reality

Stealth and Fraud in the Oval Office

Anybody still can make it here if they try through misleading and dishonesty practice.  If that wasn’t true someone name Barack Obama from Kenyan, Africa would not have been elected president of the United States."

At the Crossword of Vetting aka President Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Testimony of Emmie Ross at the Request of God Almighty

It my desginated role to inform you.  I don't want the blood of America or her people on my hands.  It could be just that bad if you are caught napping, and not paying attention of what going on in America.   This Chapter as alway will not be politically correct.  Let the chips fall where they may.  The good news God is back in America and Israel!


Chapter 6 - The Conclusion of the Enemy Within

The Leader of the Pack

In the first part of the Chapter, the man discovered after walking in the home which is symbolic of America that he had termites. He gave up and walked away. In surveying the damage; I had a choice. Give up and allow those termites to win or take control of the beautiful home that was built on July 4, 1776 by my Founding Fathers. My eyes clouded with tears of what this magnificent home stood for over the centuries as I walked over and began reading the Preamble of the United States Constitution which was beautifully frame on the wall.

Then, I walked over and looked at the Founding Fathers who were the architect in designing this Home. As my eyes surveyed those men, one by one, I didn’t notice the color of their skins. What I saw with respect were men that God had assembled to preserve and protected the interest of this HOME as a great Nation. The color of their skins was not relevant; it was their characters which defined those Founding Fathers that will last through time.

Was this Home perfect? No. Only the Almighty God is perfect. However, it laid the foundation which helped mold me into seeking my God given talents, and the freedom for me to choose my path through the American Dream which made it exceptional.

At that point, I decided this Home was worth fighting to keep, and I was not going to allow some foreign termites come in and destroy it. First, I had to locate and isolate the Enemies Within the termite colonies to take hold of the situation by exposing them to sunlight. The sunlight was significant because evil cannot withstand light; it needs a place to hide. I found the trail of those pesky termites which led back to Enemies who were revolting through class warfare, racism, anger, and wanted to rule. It wasn’t going to happen in the Home that God gave to His People.

I pondered these words searching for answers:

Anybody still can make it here if they try through misleading and dishonesty practice. If that wasn’t true someone name Barack Obama from Kenyan, Africa would not have been elected president of the United States.”


How could a Plant of Saudi Arabia with no naturalized Birth Certificate, never ran for even a “dog catcher” or voted into office by the American people be sworn into office in 2009 and 2013 under alias Barack Hussein Obama Jr, by the United States Supreme Court Justice John Roberts?  How in the Hell could that be possible?  Why?

Judge Roberts

Why did Supreme Court Justice Robert swore in the 44th President Elect under the alias name of Barack Hussein Obama on January 21, 2009, and was never sworn into the Office of President in January 2013?

President - Elect of 2012

    Oh no, the questions didn't end at this point!

How did America, the greatest country that God gave to man ended up with two ineligible presidents and first ladies through “stealth and fraud”  helped drive the America Economy from $10 Trillion in debt to $17 Trillion in just 4 ½ years?

Taxpayers spent $1.4B on Obama family in 2011?

Click on Link to Video (3:58)


Obamas spend $1.4 billion on themselves.png

           ONE YEAR: $1,400,000,000.00! — On THEMSELVES! — OUR money!

Taxpayers spent $1.4 BILLION dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year, according to the author of a new book on taxpayer-funded presidential perks.

In comparison, British taxpayers spent just $57.8 million on the royal family.

The $1.4 billion spent on the Obama family last year is the “total cost of the presidency,” factoring the cost of the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever,” a 50 percent increase in the numbers of appointed czars and an Air Force One “running with the frequency of a scheduled air line.”

ONE YEAR: $1,400,000,000.00!!!!!!

The most concerning thing, I think, is the use of taxpayer funds to actually abet his re-election,”


Obama: 'Americans Are Too Stupid to Understand Economics'

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9i6Sbnj-hk (.43)

Taking a Break from the Endless Lies to the Oval Office at the  Crossroad

Outright lying to hide what really happened

Through the Obamas' lenses, Americans are seen as derisive, and arrogant who are beneath consideration, worthless and deserve being scorned. They has no respect for them. So they outright lie to them in their faces. In Islam, its commanded that you lie to the infidels. Obama see America and Israel as Infidels – They both served God Almighty.

America's Shame: Obama Calls U.S. "Arrogant" & "Dismissive" in Speech in France

   Uploaded on Apr 3, 2009

                         The first time an American President has directly criticized his own country while overseas. It's an insult to every American.


The Face of Racism against America is called “Indifference”

When the Rubber meets the Road

I have never heard the aka President Obamas say a kind word about America, and the American people at home or abroad. That was the way my mean-spirited grandfather treated me as a child.

My Personal Story in Facing the Enemy Within my own front yard

I grew tired of being kicked around as a child by an eight year old bully who came to my own home where I was living with my maternal grandparents to beat me. I lived on 90 acres of land far removed from civilization until the age of ten in Monticello, Florida. I had never been exposed to a television nor had seen violence in my childhood. In essence, I didn’t know how to defend myself from the Enemy Within. Attending weekly church with my beloved grandmother didn’t prepare me in facing the enemy within. I had only heard basically “Love and Tithing” to the church from the minister.

My earthly maternal grandfather, a Black man, was extremely popular by many, and loved all of his grandchildren, except me who lived with my grandparents. I was an extremely shy, and an obedient child who tried to please him. It didn’t work. He actually hated me because he saw a spirit in me that threatened him; that was it! I was the only one of the grandchildren that was not part of him! He simply adored my adopted eight year old cousin Doris. She was the “apple” of his eyes. He enjoyed most of all, Doris beating me up every Sunday afternoon when she came to visited with her parents. My maternal grandmother was a “Blackfoot Indian” who adored me. We shared the same kindred spirits. She couldn’t read or write, but she could read her Bible under the Holy Spirit of God.

My grandmother played an integral role in my life in facing the Enemy Within

Doris would wait until her parents were safely inside visiting with my grandparents before she began terrorizing me in front of the other grandchildren playing outside who came to visit each Sunday. They treated me “indifference” like my grandfather which is one of the worse forms of R-A-C-I-S-M that one could experience. I wasn’t allowed to join in so I watched as the children played on the sideline.

Doris singled me out, walked up to me, pulled my hair, and punched me in the stomach as my thin body fell forwarded to ground. That was Doris’ form of greeting me as the other children laughed as they watched. My cruel grandfather was watching with pleasure at a distance. He threatened to give me the “whipping of my life” if I ever fought back.

My little eight year old frame simply couldn’t take those brutal beatings by Doris. Each week, the impact of the punishment had intensified. A couple of months had elapsed before making my unexpected move. I was tired of the beatings being inflicted upon me. This particular Sunday, I watched as the long black car was slowing approaching my grandparents’ home from a distance. I heard my cruel old prejudiced grandfather voice in the back of my mind as the car inched closer, “If you ever fight back, I am going to give you the whipping of your life.” It was at that point, I started putting together my strategy. This time, I was going to fight back. I had never fought anyone in my entire life so I wasn’t sure of what to do. I decided to give her back whatever she gave me. Since I was going to get the “whipping of my life,” from my grandfather, I had to give Doris the “whipping of her life” right in front of the estranged cousins who had no respect for me as being a “wimp.”

So, I waited for my enemy to approach. Cocky with her backup protection, being my grandfather, she came and proceeded during her usual with me. When Doris went for my lengthy hair, I blocked her movement, and grabbed has much of the small amount of hair on her head that I could mustered. Doris screamed out in pain. I eventually shoved her backward. She recovered and was stunned as if to say, “You are going to fight ME!” Then she came forward to punch me in the stomach. I blocked the punched, and hit her as hard as the force of my little body could endure in the pit of her stomach.

Oh no, I wasn’t finished. I had just begun. That Sunday afternoon in my grandparents’ front yard, I beat my enemy who had terrorized me for several straight months. I gave her the whipping of her life, as she screamed out in pain. It didn’t stop me because I was remembering the “whipping of my life” from my grandfather that I would be receiving. Finally, I dragged a babbling, thin-skinned cry baby, and delivered Doris to her shocked audience, the by-standing cousins.

Then I heard the angry voice of my prejudiced grandfather, “I told you if you fought back I was going to give you the whipping of your life.” A miraculously thing happened at that point in my life. I was no longer afraid of the fears within that had taken control of my life by Doris and my grandfather. I had defeated them. I was ready to take my grandfather’s punishment, and was no longer a slave to F-E-A-R. I had developed stamina, and regained my dignity. I was thinking in my mind to my grandfather, “Bring it on; I am ready to take the whipping of my life from you!”

Suddenly, I heard my grandmother’s voice that was standing behind my grandfather. He had no idea that she was standing there. Her words became etched in defining the challenges that I would face in life as she spoke these words, “If you touch her, you will have to deal with me. I have been waiting to see how long it would take for Emmie to stand up and fight back. I have watched each Sunday what was happening, and finally she stood up. I am very proud of her.”

My grandfather never changed his hatred for me. I didn’t care; it was his hate, and I refused to take ownership of it. I was free of the fear within. Grandfather died a couple of months after his final threat to me. I refused to attend his funeral. My grandmother didn’t force me, and respected my decision. I never allowed myself to hate him; but he never earned my respect. Respect doesn’t come from dictatorship over another person’s life; it’s something that is earned in the manner that you treat others.

Doris never bullied me again. Once, we met as young adults in life. I asked her if she remembered our last fight at eight years of age when I mopped her butt over my grandparents’ large front yard that set on 90 acres of land. She went into the denial of her comfort zone, and swore it never happened. I smiled, and stated, “Oh, but it did.” Doris who was” the apple “of my grandfather’s eye became a habitual drug user, in and out of jail, angry with life, and raised one of her two daughters who followed in the same environment.

My beloved grandmother from that day forward after my triumph over Doris taught me to stand my ground through wisdom of the battles that I would have to face in life. “Pick your battles in life. Every battle is not worth fighting. That when you simply put on your hat and walk away. But when you choose your battles, stand on your principles when they are violated. Those are your battles that worth fighting.” My battles that I chose in life are never chosen by “political correctness.” They are chosen on principles where my self-worth isn’t defined by popularity in whether I am worthy of others’ acceptations. It was defined by the Living God through the mirror that I faced each night before I went to sleep.


When I took Abnormal Psychology back in college back in the 1990s, my wonderful professor was a clinical psychologist. He reinforced the lesson that God inspired through my beloved grandmother the word “FEAR from childhood.”

F – Face the fear of the Enemy Within

E – Examine it to see what is creating the fear within

A – Analyze it by separating it into parts and studying it.

R –Reverse it. I now had control where it no longer empowered me.

Once I had applied those steps in the order listed above, it allowed me to reach my God given purpose in life. It gave me confidence knowing that God always stood with me on moral principles, and evil cannot survive on its merits once it’s has been exposed.

That’s what makes one a winner in God’s eye.


To learn more watch the short video listed below, and visit their website at : http://dailybible.me/


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