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dated 8/4/2014

Centered on A 24-Year Old Mystery Dream that Led to Benghazi-Gate

It took Act of God to shield me from former Democrat President Bill Clinton that centered on a Dream revealed by the Holy Spirit of God in August 1990. It took an Act of God to reveal the mystery behind the 24 year old dream that would lead to the shocking discovery behind Benghazi-Gate in August 2014.

It all began with “Teachable Moments” of contrast between two United States Presidents: Loyalty/Love Vs. Apathy/Hate under the Holy Spirit of God that lead to this documented shocking discovery of Benghazi! I am still aghast, and I wrote it as Jesus revealed it!

Author Emmie Ross

Testimony of Emmie Ross continued

We are witnessing the ending phase of the Last Day

Background Setting

Connecting the final pieces to the American's Stained Quilt that started with the Vetting of Barack Obama as President of the United States

The Democratic Party Have Gone Communist

I was in the old Democratic Party in 2003, but never slept, ate or drank from its trough.”


Excerpts from An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics – self published in August 2008


Against my better judgment, I finally agreed in early January 2003 to become Jeff Fisher's Campaign Manager. I would later later discovered many abnormalities that you would not expect to find in a candidate running for Congress. The name Jeffrey Fisher was a new identity. When a political group tried to run a background check on Fisher, they discovered that someone had ordered his personal file sealed from the public. Fisher took his wife's maiden name to establish his new identity. I was informed by Fisher that Bill Clinton and his Inner Circle had scouted me at the Governor's Democratic Convention in 2001, a a delegate for McBride in Orlando, Florida. They needed someone who had some degree of name recognition and political savvy, and I fitted their bill. In doing so, I had just entered the “dirty spoon” that appeared clean in the Democratic Party.”

Adolf Hitler used the “Night Fog” to eliminate his oppositions.

Excerpt – Our Glorious Century – Reader's Digest Association

As the war widened the Gestapo and the SD (short for Sicherheitsdient, the Nazi security service) extended their control to the occupied countries of Europe. Under Hitler's Night and Fog decree, enemies of the Reich were to be disposed of by being made to disappear into “night and fog,” that is, without a trace.

Obama Wants To Jail You For Crimes You'll Commit In The Future

Published on

Video -8/24/2012
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtPBPSVaf4w (7:42)

 Background on Video

Obama calls for the power to put civilians in prolonged preventative detention to prevent crimes the government knows they'll commit in the future.

MSNBC Media Rachel Maddow tears apart Obama's for call for the establishment of 'a new legal regime' within 'the rule of law.


This portion of the Vetting of Barack Obama will eventually led me to the multiply reasons why Jesus Christ through Divine Intervention had to stepped in to protect the Independent Candidate who became Author Emmie Ross.

It has been 11 years ago since it all began my journey into “Dirty Politics.” You just don't walk away. The only way that I would eventually be able to walk away, I was being protected by God even when I didn't know it.  So many people have ended up in the "night fog."