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The Draft Copy of © Memoir of Dirty Politics, My Final Journey by Author Emmie Ross is dedicated from the Living God to Evelyn and HIS People around the World to read and not be caught blindside.  Evil and dirty politics can be defeated!          


Chapter VI - The Beginning

Part I

A Recap of Why the Independent Candidate was being persecuted by the enemy within:  Former Democrat President of the United States Bill Clinton attempted assassination in 2006



Closing Testimony of Author Emmie Ross’s journey into Dirty Politics and Identity Theft

May 3, 2013


It was based on the dream revealed to me in my childhood hometown of Monticello, Florida after presenting a successful fashion show at the local high school:

 Why Jesus had to actually step in to shield the Independent Candidate from the angry man hidden in the shadow with a loaded gun pointed at the back of her heard.  I later discovered in 2007 that angry man was former Democrat President Bill Clinton.

 This is the Ending of my Covenant with God through the Bible, The Book of Revelation, 16:7 as of May 3, 2013,   It has spanned over the last 10 years of what I personally witnessed through my journey into “Dirty Politics” started in November 2002 once former Democrat President Bill Clinton and I come face-to-face on mutual ground, and he stated “ I am so happy to meet you.”  It was the beginning of Revelation, 12:13:  “When the Dragon (Lucifer/Satan) saw that it had been thrown down to earth, it pursued the woman who had given to the male child…”


My Final Visit back to the Crime Scene for an answer:


Why the Independent Candidate was being persecuted by the enemy within:  Former Democrat President of the United States Bill Clinton?

Barack Obama was a man that I had never heard of before the campaigning in the 2008 Presidential Election.   The clue was hidden in this song, The Great Pretender by The Drifters while dancing in August 2003.

I had no idea that the song, 'The Great Pretender' was actually defining the future President of the United States, Barack Obama

Oh-oh, yes I'm the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
I've played the game but to my real shame
you’ve left me to grieve all alone

Too real is this feeling of make-believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can't conceal

Yes, I'm the great pretender

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Suddenly, I spotted the camera!

Excerpts  An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008


It began with the Sixth Clue:


If Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, James Carville, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter had just let me walk away from the Congressional Candidate Jeff Fisher Campaign, I wouldn’t have later discovered their agenda for a Democrat One Party Government New World Order.                                  

From Admiration to Revenge

Unknowingly, I had traveled six months into the middle of  The Book of Revelation, 12: 13 after  I had  entered “dirty politics.”  “When the Dragon (The Antichrist) saw that it had been thrown down to earth, it pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child.”

The First Dream that the Holy Spirit of God Revealed came to pass while on Fisher’s campaign.

 Around early August 2003

My campaign office was located at a large old house that I subleased half of with another tenant off of A Road in rural Loxahatchee, Florida overlooking a ranch surrounding my cattle.  Fisher had come over.   He knew the tenant and felt comfortable.  I knew there was a camera planted in my office.  I happened to spot it one day when Fisher came over.  I was teaching him how to dance to loosen him up when walking into a room of potential voters as a candidate.

At a circular angle while turning (music of the song, ‘The Great Pretender’  by the Platters),   I spotted the camera lenses starring directly at me.  I didn’t say anything about it to Jeff Fisher.  Later that evening, I emailed Bill Clinton and asked, “Why is there a camera in my office?”  I didn’t get a response.  On this particular evening, Fisher had wandered away from my office.  I happened to look across the room toward the tenant’s bedroom door which was opened.   I spotted candidate Fisher who was sitting with his legs crossed in the middle of her bed.  “What in the …” I marched into the bedroom to retrieve him.  I stopped in my tracks.  I discovered the tenant was a psychic.  In my four months of living there, she had never revealed this information.  I would never have agreed to sublease the old ranch style home.   As I entered the room to retrieve him, she was sitting in a chair near the bed speaking to him as he listened.  “Jeff Fisher, I need your help!”

Suddenly, the woman asked me to wait as I turned to leave.  She suddenly discovered something about me that she wanted to reveal.  The only thing I heard her say before she began was, “I cannot touch you!  You are being protected.”  It was as if God had placed a shield around me and her words bounced off.  To this day, I have no memory of what the psychic revealed to me.

Within the next week or two, Jeff Fisher’s attitude had completely changed towards me when he stopped by the campaign office.  He appeared as if he had been crying.  He was extremely upset as he revealed to me what transpired after the psychic revealed my future.  Fisher was right there sitting on her bed.  Apparently the entire house was bugged when the psychic revealed my future   I was informed the following by Fisher: 

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jeff Fisher, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, James Carville, and Jimmy Carter could not believe what they had overheard.  They were shocked; they wanted to get confirmation of what they had overheard from the psychic.  They were not convinced—not Emmie Ross!  They all boarded a plane out of New York and flew to a renowned psychic in Atlanta, Georgia for confirmation.

The second psychic confirmed what the first psychic had told them about Emmie Ross.  They just couldn’t believe my Spiritual Identity of what they were told along with my mission to help my Republican Congressman Mark Foley.  The psychic kept reinforcing to them, “She’s not one of you.  You cannot convert her.  She belongs to God.  She represented the ‘Coming of Jesus Christ.”’  The psychic continued to state the following: “‘Emmie Ross would expose us and the Democrat Party to the world, but also going to help Mark Foley.”  They still weren’t convinced of what they were hearing.  They had the psychic describe me in detail once again, along with every significant feature on my body.  Finally they were convinced after hearing, “She’s very flamboyant.”  Somehow that word convinced them.  They were finally convinced, and I was now looked upon as the betrayer who would expose them, Fisher, and the Democrat Party as well.  Their shock turned to anger and malice.  Now, they secretly hated Emmie Ross, and began formulating a conspiracy to destroy her before it comes to pass.

I remember asking Fisher, “What are you talking about?”  He would not reveal any other information.  I remembered saying to Fisher, “Why are you saying that I am going to be the one who will help Republican Congressman Mark Foley?   Why would I help him?  I don’t know Mark Foley, and I have never met him.  I have never voted for him.  I am not flamboyant!  Maybe the psychic meant Hillary.”  I could see the anger and hurt in his face as he spoke almost in tears.  “No it is not Hillary, you damn fool, and it’s you!”  I tried to reassure him as his campaign manager, and political strategist that I was not out to help his opponent, Mark Foley.   Save Mark Foley from what?  Mark Foley certainly didn’t need my help.

Fisher made me feel as if I were their traitor.  I was now looked upon as their “Judas.”  Even though I feverously denied it, over and over that I was not going to help Mark Foley, it was going to come to pass.

I wanted to desperately get off that campaign more than ever.  Once again, Bill Clinton intervened.  Through emailing, Clinton asked me not to get off because, “If the Press got a hold of it, it would destroy Fisher’s chance against Republican Congressman Mark Foley.”  What Clinton was worried about was his precious “Black votes.”  Those were “his people,” and he would do anything to keep them in the dark.  Clinton also knew that Blacks didn’t consider me as one of them.  I was considered an “outsider” that walked amongst them.  However, Blacks saw me as representing them even though I was not considered one of them “down with the struggle” movement  (I had no Slave blood in my veins).   The Democrat Party could lose votes if Blacks thought I was being treated unfairly as a female.  Clinton had to be playing his cards very close to his chest in the eyes of Blacks and Women voters.   I had come to believe that if I had left before any other candidate was ineligible to run in the Democrat Congressional Primary, the Fisher campaign including Bill Clinton, and the Democrat Party were going to destroy my political career.

If they would just had let me walk through the door in peace, but “Oh no!”  They were determined to wipe my existence off the face of this earth.  Years later would prove them right in helping Congressman Foley.  They had discovered my mission from God, and now they had the upper hand.  I had no way of knowing just what the Covenant involved.  I only live in the present and rely on my faith in God.  When the timing was right, God would personally tell me, and He did.  I did not rely on a psychic.  What I didn’t realize at the time when Jeff Fisher was revealing what they had learned of my Spiritual Identity, he had just delivered the Biblical Antichrist/Lucifer’s calling card.  I was already setup, and so was 6th term Republican and Assistant Whip in the United States House of Representative Congressman Mark Foley of the 16th District of Florida.

Seventh Clue

The Assassination Attempt on the Independent Congressional Candidate for the United States House of Representatives in the 16th District of Florida – May 19, 2006.



The August 1990 Dream the Holy Spirit revealed of the Angry Man hidden in the Shadow with a Gun aimed at the back of her.  Jesus in the flesh had to step in to shield her.  The dream was coming to pass 16 years later.

The Assassination Plot to Kill the Independent Candidate

It came at a time when I was totally unprepared and without warning.   If I had any knowledge that this dream was going to come to pass on May 19, 2006, I probably wouldn’t have accepted an invitation to attend the Women’s Club Luncheon on South Hutchinson Island in Ft. Pierce, Florida.   One cannot change the outcome of what’s to come.  God’s word is final.  If He says it is going to happen; it will.   You don’t know why, when or how it is going to happen.  I realized that if man knew those answers, he would try to alternate the outcome of God’s Word.  This is exactly what the man in the shadow tried to do in his assassination attempt of the 1990 dream.

The man in the shadow knew what was going to take place.  He was in the dream.  He knew Jesus was protecting my back, so he decided to attack me from the west in a helicopter instead of on the ground.  Jesus was on the ground coming from the east while I was walking in the dream.   The man in the shadow decided to assassinate while I was driving.  What the unidentified enemy would discover, not only was Jesus protecting my back, he was also protecting the front as well.

I forgot my cell phone was being monitored.  The invitation had been confirmed by phone:  giving the event, time, date, and location exactly one week before the incident happened.  The only thing the unidentified enemy didn’t know the time that I would be leaving the Yacht Club on South Hutchinson Island.   I was no longer the Democrat Candidate; I was now attending as the Independent Congressional Candidate without Any Party Affiliation.   Instead of a Democrat Primary, it would be a three-way race as we headed into the General Election of November 2006.

I made my way chatting with various people at the Yacht Club toward the exit door.  I only had several steps to take before I was into fresh air.   I remembered an odd feeling came over me as a middle aged Liberal type Democrat approached me before I could get to that door.   I didn’t like his aura as he tried to talk with me.  I suddenly stated in a calm voice that I was leaving.  There was an eerie feeling that came over me as if every movement that I was making was being monitored.  This man recognized and had spoken to me briefly on several occasions.  He also had some type of Liberal website online regard candidates. 

This particular day, I felt uncomfortable in his presence and needed to get away from him.  “Fast!”  His reaction was something like, “Emmie, you are leaving?  No?”  He asked.  It was as if he needed to say my name out loud in my departing, “Yes,” I stated and hurried out of the door and went to my car.  Inside my brain, I was yelling to him, “Get away from me!”  When you are in politics, you have to smile even when you don’t want to do so.  You are on public display.  You are expected to accept invitations that you would rather just stay home and wash your air.  You have to always be on your best behavior as a candidate.  If not, there is always someone ready to rip you apart in the Media.

As I headed back toward Ft. Pierce on Seaway Drive, I glanced over to my left.  Congressman Mark Foley’s penthouse was new;  less than a year old.  I remembered when I lived over on South Hutchinson Island, several months before entering the Congressional race, and watching the construction underway where Foley would call home when he was in the District.  There was only one entrance unto South Hutchinson Island from Ft. Pierce.  As my vintage diesel Mercedes rumbled along past Foley’s penthouse overlooking the Marina, I was approaching the Seaway Bridge that connected to the mainland.  Suddenly that eerie feeling resurfaced and I couldn’t shake it while traveling towards the pinnacle of the bridge.  There were no buildings more than three stories on the mainland.

                                                                                                    ERIC HASERT/TREASURE COAST NEWSPAPERS
Kim Adams, of Fort Pierce, glances over at passing traffic from the narrow pedestrian walkway while walking the South Causeway Bridge for exercise late Friday morning.

                            Photo by Eric Hasert


I noticed that I was alone on the bridge.  As many times as I have traveled across Seaway Bridge, there were always cars going back and forth even at 2:30 in the afternoon.  By the time that I had reached the peak of the bridge, I suddenly felt a gentle push toward the passenger’s side as I looked into my purse for the cell phone.  I heard a hard thump as if someone had “thrown a brick” and hit the driver’s side of my car.

God, why is Emmie being stalked by an unknown enemy?”

From there, I stopped by my adopted Mom’s home.  She was asleep.  Mom’s daughter Joyce later told her about my attempted assassination incident that I had shared with her.  Mom was devastated upon learning about the attempt on my life.  Mom informed me later that she almost had a heart attack when Joyce told her what happened to me on the Seaway Bridge.  Mom stated that night, she got on her knees and started praying to God.  She told God that the next time she saw me, she was “Going to tell Emmie to get out of the Congressional race for the 16th District; it wasn’t worth it!”  “God, why Emmie, she has no power or money?  Why is she being persecuted by unknown enemy?  Her phone is monitored and she is being stalked.”  God told the lady that I met on the campaign trail, that I affectionally called “Mom” the following:

“Do not try and stop Emmie, she must go on to finish her mission.   If you try and stop her, she will lose.  Do not interfere.  Emmie will be fine.  Remember two days ago before she was leaving your home, you told her to cover herself and her car under the blood of Jesus?  She did.”  God assured Mom that night that I would be fine.

It always amazed Mom how I kept going regardless of what I had to face, as if it didn’t bother me.  She would often ask me how I had the strength to continue.  “You never once complained.  Every time you visited me, you always shared something about God, it never failed.”  Over the course of time, Mom remembered God’s words to her.  She never asked me nor did I think for one moment to give up and walk away from the Congressional race.  My Spirit was relentless in my faith in God.  I had come too far on my mission, couldn’t and wouldn’t turnaround at this point.  I had discovered my Spiritual Identity and purpose in life.  My Spirit was too great for anyone to stop me.  So I continued my mission.  Mom also revealed later that she had angered God after she decided to interfere in my mission.

A picture of an enlarged bullet hole to my driver’s mirror was posted on my political website.  Someone who had visited the website emailed me; it was a 30 caliber which he stated was used to hunt deer.  I was informed that if the bullet had pierced through the mirror, the shattered glass alone would have blinded me and disfigured my face and neck.  I would have lost control of my car, crashed through the guard rail, exploded as the car went into the Indian River.  My body would have been ashes sprinkled over the massive Indian River.

Upon filing a police report, I honestly thought it was Mark Foley and the Republican Party behind it, but why?   I kept thinking.  “Why would the Republican Party or Mark Foley want to hurt me?  Mark Foley had never met me.  The Republican Party doesn’t know me.”  The unidentified enemies always made it appear as if the Republicans were behind it.  Case in point, this assassination attempt occurred less than a half mile from Foley’s penthouse.  

 Even as far back as 2003 while I was on Jeff Fisher’s campaign, Fisher and Bill Clinton’s Inner Circle (Democrats:  Senators Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, former president Jimmy Carter and James Carville) would say something like, “It was the Republican Party, Mark Foley , or it was your rich Republican friend.”  Eventually, I would rule out the Republicans.

Who was the angry unidentified man in the shadow, and why does he want to hurt me?  Someone mentioned it was my Democrat opponent Tim Mahoney.  I never thought it was Mahoney.  Although, I realized that Mahoney was evil,  I didn’t think he was that clever or capable of the supernatural forces that I was experiencing.  The unidentified enemy’s tentacles were too powerful and too deep!  Who could possess that type of power?  Why am I a threat to him?

Clue 8                 The Climax of my Illuminati Journey into Dirty Politics

Holy Spirit of God revealed in a dream the Antichrist in the Flesh as the Angry Man Hidden in the Shadow

Around late 2007

In the dream the angry man was approaching me at a distance.  As he began to come toward me, I could see that his anger had escalated to the 6th degree of hatred.  I was not afraid of him as he moved towards me.  He was dressed in a suspender military styled uniform that reminded me of a toy soldier.  There was nothing to obscure his face or his head; he was personally coming after me.  I refused to run away.   I was determined to stand my ground.   After four years of being persecuted, we were going to battle it out!  A team of wild horses could not move me at that point.  I had no fear!  Now, I was going to finally face the bully who had stalked me, invaded my privacy, destroyed my political career, experienced financially destitution, and persecuted as a Christian. 

In my mind, I am thinking, “Bring it on, and take your best shot because I am going to take you out!”  Suddenly, I recognized him as he grew closer toward me.  “Oh God no, can’t be him!”  I thought, “I had forgotten about him.”  My mind flashed back to November 2002 at the Democrat Governor race.   He was there to endorse the candidate for Governor.  I was there to witness this event.  As he was shaking hands amongst the huge crowd afterward, he turned around about 15 feet before he got to me and started walking away.  I called his name, “Bill over here!”  Suddenly he stopped.  “I know that voice!  Where have I heard that voice before?” He was drawn to that voice.  He didn’t know why nor did he understand it.  He turned around walked past all those extended hands waiting to shake his hands, and stopped directly in front of me.


I was shocked and wondered, “How did he know it was me that called his name?”  Our spiritual identities were hidden; therefore, we didn’t recognize each other in the flesh.  I was speechless as he smiled and extended his hand, “I am glad to meet you.”  As I looked into his eyes, I didn’t see a soul, only darkness.  Now, I had finally recognized the man in the shadow, it was Bill Clinton.  This time, we didn’t acknowledge each other.  Oh yeah, we definitely knew each other.  Suddenly he stopped about 15 feet before he got to me, furiously looking me over with a disgusted look, and finally he turned around and walked away.  I noticed one of his suspenders was twisted in the back.  I asked myself as the dream unfolded, “Why did he stop?”

After the dream,  I was sharing it with someone and I asked, “Why did Clinton stop?”  The acquaintance stated, “He had to.  He couldn’t come any further. He saw someone standing behind you, and he recognized it was Jesus.  He had to turn around.”  If I had called out Clinton’s name,  I would have given him permission to destroy me.  The only way that Satan/Antichrist can destroy me, I would have to give him permission, and I didn’t.

So the big bad wolf was the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.  In November  2002,  I had no idea that Bill Clinton was the most powerful man in the world.  More powerful than a sitting president that he could undermine his political agenda.  He’s the author of confusion, hate, jealousy, pride, revenge, lust, and the greed of money in which he derived his force of evil. 

To many people in the world, Bill Clinton is the so called “Peacemaker.”  No wonder Satan was able to convince Eve to eat from the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ even after God stated it was forbidden in the Garden of Eden.  He was charming, attractive, flamboyant, well-spoken, highly intelligent, and overpowering in his presence.  That was the side of Satan that convinced Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit of knowledge.  After Eve had convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit along with her, they saw their “deceiver” who betrayed them into a  world of evil.  Cain’s off springs are an abomination of God, and are ruled under the leadership of Satan.  They are the “deceivers” known also as the Illuminati.

Part II

The Preparation by God in order to fulfill the conclusion of An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008 began years before the Covenant with God          


God kept the once looked upon by others as a “Trophy Wife” before I made my Covenant with Him in August 1978 very busy through the educational foundation  that He prepared to fulfill the journey:


Being a Girl Scout and learning how to survive in the wilderness.


 Professional Runway,  Photographic Modeling and Finishing School in the early 1970’s in the Palm Beaches


                         In 1999 the Holy Spirit of God revealed a dream of a young woman giving me her baby

Emmie’s Decision

Two weeks later, I received a phone while living in Texas from my half-brother (a follower of Islam) while living in Texas.  He informed me that his oldest daughter of 17 years of age, a gifted and talent creative dancer was seven months pregnant, and asked me to raise the child after birth.  Up until that point, no one knew of her pregnancy.  Her stomach was still as flat as a “pancake” and the family was in shock.   This was my favorite niece who had spent the entire summer with me at the age of 13.  We connected.  I spent the entire summer with activities centered on her.  People would ask me even in the presence of her mother, if she was my daughter.  Now my half-brother was asking me to raise her child.  He began reminding me, “You always talked about adopting a child, here’s your opportunity.”  I only wanted to adopt a girl.  I was perfectly happy with the baby’s spirit that went back to God after my partial miscarriage, and the 12 year old stepson that I raised until he became a responsible adult who made a contribution back to society.  I hesitated on my brother’s request, and refused to give him an answer.

 For two weeks, I weighed the pros and cons of adopting this child. Then I realized it would be interfering with the Covenant that I had made with the Living God in 1978.  Secondly, I felt that it would create ‘World War III’ between the families.  I was committed to the Covenant with God even though I was going through my journey on “Blind Faith.”  So, I called my brother and told him, “No, and it was final.”  Then around two weeks later the dream showed I was giving the baby back to my niece.

 In 2003, I got a chance to meet the little five year old boy, and spend time with him over the Christmas holiday.  I also took a photo with him.   He was delightful, intelligent, and very popular.  He was a nice looking little guy with very noticeable strange pointed ears.  I inquired of those ears with his mother.  She smiled, pulled back her hair from around her face and stated, “He got those ears from me.”   

  We all agreed that I had made the right choice, and my half-brother thanked me.  His wife shared the facts that God had spoken to her and asked that she named him, a specific Arabic name in which she did after the little boy was born.  She did so at God’s request, and child was raised in their home with his mother.

  A couple days later, my candidate Jeff Fisher had made some type of excuse why he had to stop by.  I was surprised he knew exactly my whereabouts.  It was his excuse to check out the little boy.  When Fisher saw the little left handed boy that I was playing basketball with in the driveway, he looked as if he had seen a ghost.

 When I saw Barack Obama for the first time in early 2008, I almost fell out of my chair.  The little boy was a DNA of Barack Obama.   They both shared:  the exact complexion, hair texture, bone structure, rectangular face, and those ears.  That was the reason Fisher looked as if he had seen a ghost in 2003, he was acutely aware of Obama.

 This was the reason why Bill Clinton tried to take me out.  I am the only one that knows what Barack Obama would have looked like as a child.  I have the photo which will be in the upcoming book. The little boy’s mother had given permission back in 2003 to use the photo at my discretion.   We had no idea of Barack Obama at that time.   I haven’t seen this little boy since 2003.   I don’t want this little boy exploited over the Internet.  The photo might get into the wrong hands.


Understanding Islam and Middle Eastern Culture

 Excerpt -  An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008

October 1990 – April 1999

Upon re-entering Houston, Texas, I eventually divorced Paul to pursue my mission in life.  I remained in Houston until April 1999.  They were years of enlightenment.  I learned about people especially from the Middle East, India, and Jamaica.  I became very knowledgeable about their cultures.  They invited me into their homes, family gathering and dinners.  Houston became my awakening of diversified cultures.  I was introduced to Buddhism; it wasn’t for me.  A young veiled Muslim lady entered a Middle Eastern bookstore as my friend Nicki from Pakistan was showing me the Koran.    The young woman upon realizing that I was an American thought that I was being converted from Christianity to Islam by Nicki.  She approached me and asked, “Why would you be interested in becoming a Muslim?   With me,” she stated, “I have no choice but to accept it because I was born into it, but you have a choice?”  I explained to her that I was a Christian, and was not changing my faith.  Many years later as a Political Science major why studying World History and the Ottomans coming to power in the Middle East, I understood why she asked me that question.


 Everyone in the Middle East had to convert to Islam which became the Religion of the land when came the Ottomans came to power.  It’s humanly impossible for a non-Muslin child (as President Obama confessed) to have been raised in an Indonesia home with a mother and a Muslim father as a Christian.   It’s like me trying to sell you some beachfront property in Arizona; it will never happen. 

The Ten Commandments (Movie)

The Role of King Ramses II, the Prince of Egypt played by Yul Brenner.  He played a major role in helping me connect Obama’s spiritual identity as “Ramses II” the great enemy of God. I knew this movie was inspired by God through the great director Cecil B. DeMille.

 Director DeMille gave confirmation in the link listed below.  (2:10)



Once I saw Barack Obama, I was able to make the connection.  In the book, An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008, I stated the following under Comparative Profiling:  “Barack Obama was the Spiritual Identity of King Ramses II, An Arab Egyptian Muslim” who hated God.  According to Author Solutions Client Manager Eugene Hopkins, there were 49 News Medias who had secretly requested a copy” after publication in June 2009.  I have never retracted the Comparative Profiling of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  After the book was closed out I came across a monument of King Ramses II.


                                                                                                                                               The Prince of Egypt 



My Mission through ‘Dirty Politics’ beginning in January 2003

It certainly was an education in “dirty politics.”


It was Bertram Capital Management of San Mateo, California/dba Author Solutions Publishing of Bloomington, Indiana that introduced me to the world of “Bait and Switch” Identity Theft of the ISBN through authors stolen book royalties.


Authorhouse/Author Solutions - Indiana Royalty Theft

Uploaded on Jun 30, 2011

State of Indiana version of the next Bernie Madoff in 2011"

Author, Emmie Ross, shares how Authorhouse/Author Solutions have been stealing her book royalties.   She wants everyone to be aware of what Authorhouse is doing so it doesn't happen to them too.

 Based on an impromptu 13:11 minutes video that I made with a lap top computer in the front yard of my home without a Teleprompter regarding Identity Theft of stolen book royalties.


It took all the preparation above, with the paper trail of key photos from the late Andrew Brietbart, and Donald Trump’s relentless effort in pursing the college transcripts, and the infamous Birth Certificate of President Barack Obama to solve the last clue in An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008:


Why Jesus Christ had to step in and shield the Independent Candidate  from Lucifer, former Democrat President of the United States Bill Clinton who had tried to have her assassinated  in 2006 long before  discovering the Identity Thefts and Imposters in President Obama’s life.  


 I stated in the book before closing of April 2009, that Obama was an “An Arab Egyptian Muslim, and Bill Clinton created a profile for him in own image.  It was foretold by John in the Book of Revelation, 12:13-15, the Beast/Antichrist who was the glorified slave that served Lucifer’s agenda to the people.”


My Mission through ‘Dirty Politics’ beginning in January 2003

It certainly was an education in “Dirty Politics.”

The Biblical Antichrist from the Middle East

Also in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 7:19-22

But I wished to make certain about the fourth Beast, so very terrible and different  from the others, devouring and crushing with its iron teeth and bronze claws, and trampling with its feet what was left; about the ten horns on its head, and the other one that sprang up, before which three horns fell; about the horn with the eyes and the mouth that spoke arrogantly, which appeared greater than its fellows.


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Brietbart


For, as I watched, that horn made war against the holy ones (Christians) and was victorious until the Ancient One (the Living God) arrived; judgment was pronounced in favor of the only ones of the Most High, and the time came when the holy ones possessed the kingdom.



                                                                                             Photo from Brietbart Collection

                                 43 Brieibart DEAD at! Only weeks after threatening to expose Obama

                                 Let the Vetting of President Obama begin!                                                                                     

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