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The Draft Copy of © Memoir of Dirty Politics, My Final Journey by Author Emmie Ross is dedicated from the Living God to Evelyn and HIS People around the World to read and not be caught blindside. Evil and dirty politics will be defeated!


Understanding who's The Franchise Owner of Barack Hussein Obama known as the “Man Standing  safely in the Shadow”

Former Democrat President Bill Clinton is essential to the Vetting of Barack Obama. This entire Chapter will focused on The Book of Revelation: Rev. 12:8-17 of the Biblical Devil's role who is the creator of Obama's Nightmare.

The Symptom creating the Nightmare              The Nightmare behind the Symptom

President Barack Obama “The Puppet” is merely following the orders directed by Bill Clinton to be implemented and administered in governing America to suit his agenda for the Totalitarian New World Order.  In essence, a glorified Slave to the Devil/Lucifer.

Bill Clinton is the Jihad of the created Nightmare that's Barack Obama is afflicting on America and the World. In essence, Barack Obama is Bill Clinton's cover used to carry out his orders. Now I have stated since August 2008, and Bill Clinton is fully aware of it, that he was the Biblical Lucifer/Satan /Devil, he has never denied it. Bill Clinton cannot deny it for one reason: If he publicly denied that he was not the Biblical Devil, he would lose his power. The only weapon of facing and defeating the Devil and Evil is with the truth, and standing on it. Evil has to have a cover to flourish and maintain its power. There's a reason why evil is mainly done at night or done in secrecy, it cannot withstand the light. So it has to hide. It needs a cover. My job is to merely expose the evil my speaking the truth, and Almighty God steps in as He did with Moses and the Pharaoh in the Old Testament – The Book of Exodus.

In essence, under the Holy Spirit of God, I am doing basically what Moses did when God told him to go to Pharaoh and tell him, “Let My People Go to worship ME.”

Round One – The Book of Exodus

Exodus 6:28-3, and 7:1-5

Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh. “ On that day the LORD spoke to Moses in Egypt he said, “I am the LORD. Repeat to Pharaoh, king of Egypt, all that I tell you,” But Moses protested to the LORD, “Since I am a poor speaker, how can it be that Pharaoh will listen to me?”
The Lord answered him, “ See I have made you as God to Pharaoh, and Aaron your brother shall act as your prophet. You shall tell him all that I command you. In turn, your brother Aaron shall tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave his land. Yet, I will make Pharaoh so obstinate that, despite the many signs and wonders that I will work in the land of Egypt, he will not listen to you. Therefore I will lay my hand on Egypt and by great acts of judgment, I will bring the hosts of my people, the Israelities, out of the land of Egypt, so that they Egyptians may learn that I am the LORD, as I stretch out my hand against Egypt and lead the Israelite out of their midst.”
God sent Ten Plaques into Egypt without harming His peo


  1. Water Turned into Blood

  2. The Frogs covered the land

  3. Third Plague: The Gnats - The dust of earth turned into gnats attacking man and beast throughout Egypt.

  4. Fourth Plague: The Flies - Thick swarms of flies entered the house of Pharaoh and the houses of his servants: throughout Egypt the land was infested with flies.

  5. Fifth Plague: The Pestilence.

  6. Sixth Plague: The Boils – covered Man and Beast

  7. The Hail.

  8. The Locusts.

  9. The Darkness that blanket Egypt for three days

  10. Tenth Plague: The Death of the First-born. Killed Pharaoh's pride and joy, his son which broke the back of Pharaoh, before God finally destroyed Pharaoh's mighty army.

A Female Typed Moses?

One of the things that Jeff Fisher revealed to me one evening as we were walking through this particular grocery store, the psychic that Bill Clinton, his Inner Circle of the Illuminati as well as Jeff Fisher visited in August 2003 advised that “She, referring to me, “would be a female Moses.” It didn't make sense what he was telling me because, when I made my Covenant with God, I didn't know what the mission. I was too embarrassed to ask Him, and He didn't tell me. So I went on “Blind Faith” as you will understand my role in (What Provoked God's Anger Against America that Led to the Covenant). Looking back, I understand what Fisher was trying to convey back in 2003 since I have experienced it.

Personal Note

A Major Flaw that I have experienced with Some Christians Over the Years  When it comes to Almighty God

They have a tendency to think, if God didn't personally ask them, select them or consult with them, it doesn't exist.

Case in point:

Beginning the second half of Journey in August 2009 after my arrival in Northwest Ohio, I was invited to dinner at a lovely Christian home. They were very intrigued with my mission. One of the guests who had been very active in the ministry for years, and had done many remarkable things in her career became jealous and asked with anger, “Why did God chose you, instead of me?” she asked. Finally, after recovering from her stunned question in anger, I finally spoke to her with a question, “Would you walked through hot coals and face the adversities of dealing with Satan as part of your journey?” and waited for her response. Finally, she spoke, and said, “No.” Then, I looked her directly in the eyes without any anger in my voice and said to her, “That's the reason why God did not ask you.” God knew before He chose me that I would fulfill it regardless of the circumstances.” God has a plan for all of His people. Some of them, their greatest mission might be raising a strong and healthy family. Don't think, you are the only one that God has spoken with. God speaks to many people whenever He chooses on various matters. ” She finally stated, “ I had never thought of it in that way.  Thank you."

Round Two – The Book of Revelation

Instead of an Aaron speaking on my behalf to the Pharaoh/the King in hiding behind his cover, the Holy Spirit of God is speaking through my writing to the Pharaoh (Bill Clinton) and his human shield as Cover (Barack Obama). Bill Clinton/Barack Obama know exactly what I am doing, and publicly pretending to ignore me, but privately they cannot.
  1. The Traitor From Within

  2. China, the Silent Enemy Within

  3. The Revenge of Bill Clinton

  4. Who is Barack Obama

  5. A Divided Nation Under the Biblical Antichrist

  6. What Provoked God's Anger Against America (that led to “The Covenant)

  7. Unmasking the Biblical Antichrist's Cover

  8. Russia and the Democrat Party's New World Order

  9. The Communist's Goal for Destroying America

  10. The Fallout Pending.


Identifying Bill Clinton as the Biblical Devil

The Owner of the Franchise of Barack Hussein Obama:

William Bill Clinton with an 18 lettering in both their names


Bill Clinton - Barack Obama with an 11 lettering in both their names


Based on An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics – August 2008

Almighty God always gives a second confirmation to His Word


First Confirmation

6th Snapshot Dream from the Holy Spirit of God - Satan's Spiritual Identity

When we met in November 2002, our Spiritual Identities were hidden from each other. The First Antichrist/Satan's spirit remembered my “voice,” that was why he turned around and came directly to me while standing in a large crowd. The political giant turned around and walked directly up to me and said, “I am glad to meet you,” as we shook hands. When I looked into his eyes, I saw nothing – no Soul.

Around the end of July 2007, the dream by the Holy Spirit of God revealed the actual color of Satan's spiritual identity. His complexion was “white as snow.” He could not get a suntan even if you baked him in an oven for one year.

This photo of Satan /Devil closely resembled the July 2007 dream by the Holy Spirit of God

He wore a large medieval styled cloak with a hood covering his head as he watched me close-up. With his hand cupped to his lower chin, he appeared complex and confused as he intensively studied my every move. He wasn't old nor was he young. What I was witnessing was Satan' s Spiritual Identity in his natural form.”

Around late 2007, the Holy Spirit of God revealed to me, the man in the shadow/Satan in a dream.

He was approaching me at a distance. As he began to come towards me, I could see that his anger had escalated to the 6th degree level of hatred. I was not afraid of him as moved towards me. He was dressed in a suspender military styled uniform that reminded me of a toy solider. There was nothing to obscure his face or his head; he was personally coming after me. I refused to runaway. I was determined to stand my ground. After four years of being persecuted, we were going to battle it out! A team of wild horses could not move me at this point. I had no fear! Now, I was going to finally going to face the bully who had stalked me, invaded my privacy, destroyed my political career, experienced financial destitution, and persecuted me as a Christian. In my mind, I am thinking, “Bring it on, and take your best shot because I am going to take you out!”
Suddenly, I recognized him as he grew closer towards me. “Oh no, can't be him!” I thought. I had forgotten about him. My mind flashed back to November 2002 at the Democratic Governor's race. He was there to endorse the candidate for Governor of Florida. I was there to witnessed this event. As he was shaking hands amongst the huge crowd afterward, he turned about 15 feet before he got to me and started walking away. I called his name, “Bill over here!” Suddenly he stopped. “I know that voice. Where have I heard that voice before?” He was drawn to that voice. He didn't know why not did he understand it. He turned around, walked past all those extended hands waiting to shake his hands, and stopped directly in front of me. I was shocked and wondered, “How did he know it was me that called his name?” Our spiritual identities were hidden; therefore, we didn't recognized each other in the flesh. I was speechless as he smiled , and extended his hand. “I am glad to meet you...” As I looked into his eyes, I didn't see a soul, only darkness.
Now, I had recognized the man in the shadow; it was Bill Clinton. This time, we didn't acknowledge each other. Oh yeah, we definitely knew each other. Suddenly, he stopped about 15 feet before he got me. Furiously looking me over with a disgusted look, and finally, he turned around and walked away as I noticed on of his suspenders was twisted in the back. I asked myself as the dream unfolded, “Why did he stopped?”
After the dream I was sharing it with someone and I asked, “Why did Clinton stopped?” The acquaintance stated, “He had to. He couldn't come any further. He saw someone standing behind you, and he recognized it was Jesus. He had to turn around.” If I had called out Clinton's name, I would have given him permission to destroy me. The only way that Satan/1st Antichrist can destroy me, I have to give him permission, and I didn't.
So the big bad wolf was the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. In 2002, I had no idea that Bill Clinton was the most powerful man in the world. More powerfully than a sitting president that he could undermine his political agenda. He is the author of confusion, hate, jealousy, pride, lust, and the greed of money which he derives his force of evil. To many in the world, he is the so called “Peacemaker.” No wonder Satan was able to convinced Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge even when God had told them that was the only tree that was forbidden in the Garden of Eden. He was charming, attractive, flamboyant, well-spoken, highly intelligent, and overpowering in his presence. That was the side of Satan that convinced them to eat from the Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge. After they ate the forbidden fruit, they saw their “Deceiver” who betrayed them, and exposed them to his world of Evil.

Jeff Fisher (Congressional Candidate) informed me that Bill Clinton had 30 Republicans including House and Senate members on board as Illuminati., but not in their Inner Circle. It was a top secret, but it didn't stop me from trying to get those names. Clinton advised Fisher under no circumstances reveal those names to me. That was 2003. One can only imagine how long Clinton and their Republican Illuminati's list of Congressional and Senatorial membership has increased in the last five years.

In November 2010 Election, the TEA Party stepped in and removed the majority of those 30 Republicans who were embedded in Bill Clinton's Illuminati.
Update – 2014
Shockingly during my researching for the Vetting of Obama during 2013, I would discover that former Republican President George W. Bush lost his way after 9/11/2001. Bush fell under the influence of the Devil, Bill Clinton and his father George H Bush the pitchman for restoring the Angelo New World Order to enslaved Mankind. Unfortunately Bush's Christian went out the window, and began an Appeaser of Islam.


Second Confirmation by Almighty God

Through a Christian


Synopsis of the Angry Man the Shadow

When people discovered that my book exposed “dirty politics,” the question that they most asked was, “Is Republican President George W. Bush the Biblical Satan/Antichrist in the flesh?” My answer was very direct to them, “No, President Bush acknowledged Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. (That was before I discovered what happened to Bush after 9/11/2003.)

If Satan confessed Jesus Christ as his Savior, he would be converted toward Christian. This alone, eliminates President Bush who has on every given occasion acknowledged Jesus Christ as his Savior before the world.

Danielle, a Christian at Indiana River College where I attended as a political science major, was very knowledgeable regarding the Bible stated, “Ms. Ross, my husband and I play this little game at home guessing who is Satan/Devil in the flesh. We know that he is very flamboyant, charming, considered nice looking and very powerful.” I was nodding. “Yes, that was how the Holy Spirit of God revealed him to me in a snapshot dream in late 2007.